Thursday, May 18, 2017

NEW Bravo Crazy Curly Chew for Dogs Review

Hi everyone!
I would love to share with all of you my opinion (and Toby's) on the NEW Bravo Crazy Curly Chew for Dogs.
First of all, it's very beefy. It has a nice smell that really enticed Toby right away - as you can see.

She chewed on this bone all morning and had such a great time. I am sure it's great for her teeth, too. I can imagine it scrapes any existing tarter right off very easily. Who needs a dentist when you have Bravo?

I was happy that it wasn't greasy like some of them she had tried before. Also it's made in the USA, which is another plus!

It was very easy to break in half so she could enjoy a smaller piece that was easier for her to hold.
Crazy Curly Beef Bully Sticks are available in one size, a 5"- 7"chew.

***Special thanks to Kristy over at MATRIX PARTNERS, LTD. for sending me the bravo bones to sample for Toby and review. Please look out for my next review that will include the pork roll.

                              She loves it!! 

                                                    🐾 Toby Tangles